Namaste Out of The Hatred - My View on The Presidential Election

In the weeks to come I was going to be announcing a new series I'll be bringing to the blog. As I deepen my yoga practice and bring focus to it, I want to share my experiences and achievements. I want to be an open book for those also considering beginning a yoga journey! I want to share about the lessons I learn along the way, not only about myself but also about my business and the world around me. Today at the end of practice I felt the need to start it today. I literally rushed off my mat to grab my phone and begin blogging from an app (It was actually quite intense). I'm always scared the words will escape me and my fingers couldn't even seem to go as fast as my mind was. I felt the need to voice my opinion and like almost everyone else in the world, share about this presidential election.  

Namaste Out of The Hatred - Brooke Michelle Photography

Now, this may not be what you are expecting. And you may be super confused on how yoga and the presidential election align? Well let me tell you, pretty much anything and yoga align when you're struggling and right now, as a nation we are struggling. Now I don't mean any harm in who has now become our next president and that is not why I am saying that we are struggling. We are struggling because we are simply allowing ourselves to.

This morning I woke up and checked social media as I always do (a habit I clearly need to break), but instead of people sharing their children, their proud accomplishments or anything about their daily life, they simply were attacking each other. I saw friends fighting, family members arguing until there were literally no words left to say and strangers determining hatred for someone they had never met specifically because of their views on political issues. I even woke up to find that I had been blocked from viewing certain peoples social pages! BLOCKED! And I am not the type of person to share anything political. I do not voice my political opinion publicly nor have I mentioned being one way or another for any certain candidate! And here I am, blocked from viewing my friends social media platforms?

I was shocked, to say the least. I actually had told myself that I would just remain speechless until this all blew over to normal day to day life again. That was until I stepped into practice. I stepped on my mat ready for a release. I told myself today I would not give up on a single posture, I would push every posture and if I fell out of it (like a loud THUMP to the floor) then so be it because I tried. And well, it was actually my best practice to date physically. And then at the end  I realized how happy I felt. How amazingly free I felt and felt guilty because the rest of the world was not feeling this way. 

There is this thing we do at the end of every, if not almost every, practice. The teacher quotes something along the lines of "the light in me honors the light in you" and today I want to inforce that. I want to repeat that to all of my followers, to all of you! Today I want you to know that I honor you. Today I want you to know that if you voted for Hillary, I honor you. Today I want you to know that if you voted for Trump, I honor you. Today I want you to know that if you voted for a third party, I honor you.

What's done is done and yesterday is now officially in the past. I have mentioned before the meaning behind the hummingbird in my logo, and today I embody that. I am choosing to not allow myself to live in the past, but to embrace my future. I am choosing to not allow myself to lose friendships over political views, but embrace our differences. I am choosing to not allow my future to be set in stone, but to create the future that I want. Because the truth is we are the sole being that decides our path and today I am choosing to let go of hatred and fear and appreciate every single one of you.