Frequently Asked Questions for Seniors


Planning for your senior session can sometimes feel overwhelming! What do I wear? What if I forget something important? It all kind starts to take over. I want this experience to be as stress free and fun as possible. Here are some questions (and the answers) to think about going into your session to make sure it's perfect to a t!


Q: What should I make sure to bring to my session?

Ultimate Senior Experience A: 

Simple Session A: For the simple session I recommend bringing three outfits that speak to your personality! Pick your favorite outfits from your closet and style them up! Make sure to check out my Senior Style Board to see how to perfectly pair outfits and accessories together! You'll also need to bring the appropriate bra and undergarments for each of those outfits. I highly recommend neutral undergarments to ensure there is no visibility in the images! Make sure to pick out fun accessories to help dress up the shoot a bit and consider making your session unique with "props." In the past I've had seniors bring their bike, lay on a pool floatie, wear a flower crown or even possibly model with their car! If it helps tell the story of who you are then I highly encourage it!


Q: What about my nails?



Q: I'm doing the Ultimate Senior Experience, how does payment work?